Splashlight’s Patent Pending Virtual Solution Platforms go App-Free
24 Apr 2019

Splashlight’s Patent Pending Virtual Solution Platforms go App-Free

April 24th, 2019. Des Moines, Iowa. This week, Splashlight Virtual Solutions announced an upgrade to their virtual solution platforms, Access Telehealth, Video Triage, and 3V Visual and Voice Recording. Apple device users will instantly connect to these platforms without having to download an app from the App Store! Now they can enter secure online sessions by simply clicking a link, just as Android users do. This important innovation eliminates app set up delays to immediately get participants in the same virtual room – no more downloads, no more remembering an iTunes password, no more hassle.

“Continually improving the experience for all of our telehealth and 3V users is key to our success,” said Lisa Gran, CEO of Splashlight. “Our virtual solutions are deployed in multiple industries, and across all of these industries it is important for all parties to be able to easily communicate visually.  With our upgrade, anyone can instantly join virtual sessions with a quick text or email.”

Splashlight is once again disrupting the status quo with further investment in improving the virtual experience by removing gaps, complexity, and unnecessary cost. The Access and 3V patent pending virtual technology solutions are utilized across a variety of applications including 24×7 triage, case management follow up visits, healthcare provider follow-up visits, healthcare document sharing, healthcare analytics and decision processing, and video and audio communication across numerous industries.

This technology upgrade creates a communication channel that enhances the experience and improves the results for all users! Connecting people is even easier with Splashlight Virtual Solutions.

About Splashlight

Splashlight offers a unique Reduce, Predict and Prevent solution that works to provide measurable savings to employers, insurance companies, TPAs and other organizations that want to shift from being reactive about rising healthcare costs—to being proactive. To deliver measurable results, the company’s revolutionary solutions break down silos within organizations and bring everyone involved together to rethink how to manage healthcare costs across an entire company.

Splashlight is one of a select few companies that has been certified as guaranteed to reduce cost by the Validation Institute by Care Innovations.