Splashlight’s 3V Technology Integrated with Polonious Investigation Management System
09 Sep 2019

Splashlight’s 3V Technology Integrated with Polonious Investigation Management System

September 9, 2019. Des Moines, Iowa. This week, Splashlight announced a partnership with Polonious Investigation Management Systems giving customers the ability to increase efficiencies during the investigative process and improve ROI. The integrated platform uses Splashlight’s 3V technology to give users the ability to record video statements during the investigative process while working in the Polonious case management platform.

Advantages of the technology integration include:

  • Video technology accessed from the investigation technology platform
  • Video and recorded statements available through any device with a smartphone (iPhone, android), iPad, laptop, or computer with a camera with no app needed
  • Connectivity with clients expedited through video scheduling
  • Reduced Investigator travel costs and time

Splashlight 3V is also used across many industries and has also proven effective in the claims process, alive and well checks, examinations under oath, case management, triage, claim intake, and disability management processes.

Splashlight offers customizable, cloud based, digital platforms that allow real-time video and voice interaction, the ability to record encounters, and the ability to have a continuous experience with up to six simultaneous video participants. Polonious offers an investigation management system used by insurance investigation teams worldwide.

“The partnership of our two organizations will reduce time wasted on cases by automating manual processes and giving staff instant access to deploy a video recording during the investigative process,” stated Rick Shepherd, President Polonious Investigation Management System.

“We are excited about the seamless connectivity that 3V provides Polonious clients. The future of fraud investigations and claimant connectivity through advanced technology is now available,” stated Bryant Roland, EVP Splashlight Solutions.

About Splashlight:
Splashlight is a technology solutions organization eliminating gaps in current processes and challenging fraud investigation issues. Splashlight is committed to the investigative market through solutions designed to continuously improve outcomes for special Investigative units.

About Polonious Investigative Management Systems:
The Polonious system brings enhanced case tracking, automation, and reporting to special investigation units. The solution improves productivity and operational effectiveness by  reducing time wasted on manual administration. The system includes standardized and customizable reports that prove the value and effectiveness of the investigative effort. The Polonious design minimizes implementation time and reduces dependency on IT departments.

Bryant Roland
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